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For over 20 years now I've been playing Zumsteel guitars.  Bruce Zumsteg, the owner and builder of the Zumsteel guitars is truly a craftsman.  There are many good brands on the market today, but choosing a guitar is like other things in life; you pick the one that fits your needs, your wants, and your personality.  That's why there are so many to select from.  Everyone has his own opinion.  Other equipment I use include: Peavey steel guitar amps (Nashville series 1000, 400, and 112), Line 6 POD XT preamp, Stewart Stereo Power amp, custom-built speaker cabinets, IVL Steelrider Midi converter, Roland Sound Canvas module, and EMU Proteus synthesizers.  I'll be glad to share information about any of this equipment.
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This design with a diamond inlayed mother of pearl came to me in a dream.  Bruce and I worked feverishly to have her debut at the 1999 Atlanta show.   She sounds as good as she looks!

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This guitar is not supposed to exist! Don't ask me any questions and I won't have to lie...

Doreen Zumsteg - The better half of Bruce.



Here are my two current "working guitars". They both sound great!

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